Interlaced material workflow

In the past when I have needed to remove objects from interlaced material using Smoke and Mocha Pro my workflow has been this:

Deinterlace clip in Smoke, treat the footage as progressive in mocha, then re-interlace back in Smoke.

I have done this because, I have had problems with interlaced material in Mocha. When I insert a clean plate in the remove module it only seems to affect one field correctly. The footage has been flagged as interlaced and the option to track individual fields is checked.

I’m now about to use After Effect for the same process, but not sure how to deinterlace in AE, or if there is a tutorial on using interlaced material in Mocha to show
me where I have been going wrong.

many thanks for any help

thanks for your help

Hi there,

AE will automatically de-interlace the footage if you render it out as un-interlaced, since it automatically translates it. You’ll find more on Adobe’s AE forums though, or something like creative cow.