Interpolate Remove crashes Mocha Pro

Hello, I’m having a repeated problem whereby Mocha Pro 2019.5 and 2020 crashes when I attempt to use the remove module with Interpolate or Linear selected. I’m only trying to remove some tracking markers off an actor’s shoulder, following the method used in most tutorials. It does seem to work when set to none, though that method doesn’t look great.

I’ve got a deadline tomorrow, and I’m in the **** if I don’t get these markers removed :(.

OK, sounds like you’re probably running out of memory or there could be a GPU issue. I bet we can troubleshoot this.

First, try turning GPU processing off and restarting Mocha and the host if you’re using the plugin.

If that’s not the problem, try adjusting your remove settings like this: Boris FX | Remove Module Optimization for Mocha Pro & Mocha VR

If you still are having issues and are stuck, email me at with your Mocha file and I will take a look, since time is of the essence.


Hi Mary,
Thank you for the reply (apologies, I brought this up on twitter too, in a panic!). I turned the GPU rendering off for Mocha, and it seems to to be running OK now on the CPU. I think that my GTX 1060 isn’t supported, hence the crashing.

Cheers for all the clear tutorials on YouTube too, they’ve got me up and running in Mocha pretty easily!

I am so glad that’s all it was! Have a great day, I am happy you like the tutorials!

@seb When you’re in the clear with your project, please come back to this and we’ll go through your GPU issues in full. This could be something as simple as a driver or resource issue, but i’d like to get full specs and crash logs from you to be sure.

Hi Martin,

My PC spec is: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 3.40ghz, 64GB of RAM, GTX 1060 running the GeForce Game Ready 436.30 driver. Would you know where would I find the crash logs?