Intro to tracking in Silhouette 2021

Hi, I am very new to Silhouette.

I’m wondering on how to combine two Bizier points together?
And how do I able to add extra points within a line?

fyi, I do not have Paint or Mocha


Welcome @dion1

Joining Open Shapes
In the Reshape tool, open shapes can be joined together.

  1. Select one of the end points of the source shape by clicking on it.
  2. Make sure both shapes are selected in the Object window.
  3. Alt-click on one of the end points of the target shape.
    The two shapes are now joined together as one.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 for the two remaining end points to close the shape.
    Note: The target shape inherits the attributes of the source shape.

Adding Control Points
Adding control points assists in tracing more detailed objects.

  1. Select a shape.
  2. Alt-click on a selected shape to add a new control point.
    Don’t click on an existing control point because it will move it instead.

Thank you Marco!
Helped a lot.

I’m also wondering on how to export my tracking into a matte, how am I able to do that?


@dion1 What is the source of your matte?

My source is a power matte. Is that the correct term?

Tracking is not exported as a matte per se. Tracking can be applied to a shape which creates a matte and then can be rendered.

Power Matte generates a matte and can be rendered by adding an Output node and rendering out the alpha channel.