Intro tutorial for Mocha 2021 (or 20xx) OFX in Resolve (for Color & Fusion)?

i am comparing the standalone version of MP2021 with the Resolve OFX version (in order to make a decision about which to get), and i have started with the OFX plugin first. if anyone could point me to an intro tutorial for MP in Resolve and to where the user manual is installed (with the OFX version), i would be most grateful.


What features are you most interested in with Mocha Pro? That will help us recommend the right workflow for you.

The manual should be under help inside of Mocha.

hi mary,

  1. i would love to try the new power mesh (and i have seen your intro tutorial for this)
  2. set extensions, both interior with green screen, and exterior (with possibly some green screen, but mostly not)
  3. removals, and then
  4. tricky rotoscoping

thx re manual: i found it when i looked in the Inspector panel, opened the full Mocha UI then went to Help in the full UI.

thanks for all your tutorials,
PS. i also have the ‘Master Mocha’ Vol 2 by Ben Brownlee course. although this is mocha 5 (i think), would this still be a good course to follow?

Hi Julian,
To help be clear Mocha Pro is not “officially supported” in Resolve. It is supported in Fusion.
That said, we do have many Resolve users that are using the Mocha Pro OFX plugin!

To be specific, we have found the Remove Module to be very slow in Resolve due to their OFX support. For this reason, we do not officially support it as a host. I would recommend doing the trial and seeing if it will work for you.

If everything is working well except for Remove Module, note that you can render inside the Mocha Pro plugin and export the render to file and then import it back to Resolve.

The standalone application is also a popular option but keep in mind the workflow is very render based. Both standalone and plugin can export roto, tracking and new Alembic PowerMesh to Fusion. But to work with Resolve, you need to render clips, render roto mattes, etc. HTH

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Ross got here before I did, definitely seconding testing it out and understanding the rendering limitations. I think Ben’s course is very useful. We need more PowerMesh training but we are working on it.

thanks, ross. i will ask blackmagic (in the UK) tomorrow about whether DR17 has improved the mocha ofx operation, particularly the Remove Module. i will experiment with the workflow, starting perhaps with something from the brownlee course tried out directly in Resolve/Fusion.

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thanks, mary.
with any training, it is really helpful to have the same footage that the trainer is using, so if that were possible with power mesh training, that would be great.
i see that there is a Tutorial link in the Help menu, so i can explore that.
i am also now looking at the video that you and Ross did in August (Mocha Pro for VFX Workshop with Mary Poplin - YouTube) and that is helping me get a detailed overview.

I do think any PowerMesh training ought to include footage with images like this:

Just sayin’ :wink:

Look, y’all, you get me footage rights and I am ABSOLUTELY putting PowerMesh on Power Rangers.

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Where we can, we provide footage, but most we do not have the rights to reshare. However, we have recently used videos from Pexels and some similar footage can be found there to follow along.

that sounds good re Pexels.

we would be glad to shoot some footage for you (donated of course, with rights to reshare anywhere), both using our own (admittedly small) green-screen studio and outside locations (including in London, once the current lockdown is over!).


JD, that’s a thought for sure, shoot me an email at and we will discuss that, because we’d potentially love to work with you.

Looks like a painless process…

A very short form sent in to them and they hopefully reply with “HECK YEAH!” :slight_smile:

splendid! i shall send you an email shortly.

As far as I can, I’m testing DVR17 Studio version, it doesn’t look to be supporting BCC OFX addons. At this step, I do not think to go further in testing Moka. Trying to open past developed DVR project including BCC plugin : crash ! Making a new project, crash again, I this can be useful to You, if You want to BM, thanks

MP2021 OFX loads into DR17 for me (i am on windows) though i get an odd warning early on. i have applied MP to a clip and am about to start a test track on it. i will post here with results, positive or negative.
are you using mac? if so, blackmagic uk have just told me that there is a new DR17.1 beta version for mac only, and that might help you.

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hi ross,
i have just spoken to BMD UK, as promised, and let them know about the MP OFX matter, especially the remove module problem. they are hoping to let me have an update on monday (as it is already after hours in australia).
meanwhile, i will try the remove module in DR17 today and see how well it works for me. i am using windows, btw. it may be helpful to know that BMD have released a new Mac version of DR17 today, and that may help OFX issues on a mac.

i have now managed to complete a track in Mocha OFX, and i can see the matte back in Resolve/Fusion. i have read the section on the OFX plugin in the Mocha manual and searched through many tutorials online, but i cannot figure out what to do with the matte back in Resolve/Fusion. for learning purposes i would just like to put an image on the ground in a tracking shot, for instance. unfortunately, all the youtube tutorials seem to use AE or Nuke. i understand why, but it doesn’t help me much. essentially i would be happy to pin anything onto something moving. maybe i need to put the inserted image into Fusion (in Resolve) first? i can figure out how to do that, but i was hoping to be able to use the moving matte back in the Fusion host, but maybe it doesn’t work that way, and you have to render first in the Mocha Plugin.

Hi Julian,

I would render the matte out of Mocha and apply it to the image in Resolve or Fusion. That’s a stable workflow and fast where Resolve is concerned. You can also use the Fusion export. Are you having issues with the Fusion export?


hi mary, thanks for this. i will try what you suggest.

mocha and fusion/resolve are working well, i think. it is just that i am new to this and the plugin tutorials all talk about AE and Nuke, so i have to guess what to do in Resolve/Fusion. however, i am sure i can find something on rendering in Mocha and i also have Ben Brownlee’s Master Mocha Vol 2 course, which i am about to start. it uses Adobe products i think and is for Mocha 5 or earlier, but i am hoping that most of the basics will be unchanged and that with the kind help that you and colleagues give me here, i can begin to build a good workflow into Resolve/Fusion.

ps. i have sent you an email with another subject suggestion re tutorial footage which i think would be very interesting, useful, and great fun to do.