Invalid canvas height

I am using Mocha Pro 5.6.0 on a Mac. I am triggering Mocha from After Effects with footage that is 3840 x 2160. After I hit OK on the Mocha import screen the footage opens with the error message “INVALID CANVAS HEIGHT”. I only get this message on the initial import; it doesn’t show up again.

Is your Mocha set to be expecting 360/VR footage that should be 2:1 ratio? That’s the only reason I would expect to see an error like that…

We’ve run into it multiple times when dealing with Aspera footage delivered to us as DPX files. The easiest solve seems to be running new plates out of Nuke/Fusion. Just a simple in/out and all of a sudden Mocha handles it fine. The issue seems to be due to bad metadata in their exports but once we had a solve for it, we stopped investigating.