"Invert Mask" options are broken

For some odd reason, attempting to invert the mask on any blur tool (S_Blur, S_BlurChroma, S_BlurDirectional, S_BlurChannels) simply doesn’t work, and both Invert Mask and Mask Use are greyed out. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get these to work (messing with the pan/crop mask function, changing other settings within the blur panel, etc), and yet they still remain unusable. Does anybody know why this is? Is this just something I’m not understanding, or a glitch, or what?

I could not find a way to apply a Vegas mask to an OFX effect, and S_Blur needs a connected mask to activate Invert Mask and Mask Use.

An alternative in S_Blur is to click Edit Mocha, draw a mask with Mocha’s toolbar tools, and close Mocha (Save the project!). The S_Blur effect will be limited to the Mocha mask. Twirl open the Mocha group in S_Blur for Invert Mocha to invert the mask.

Once you’ve tried Mocha’s tracker you may never use static masks again.

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