Invert Matte Clip?

Hi, I imported a black and white clip as a matte but found that it needs to be inverted. However, I could not find an invert option within mocha. Isn’t there one? If not, I would like to make a feature request. It is quite customary in other applications (e.g. After Effects) to have an “invert” checkbox, and it is so much easier and faster than having to create an alternative clip and reimport.

Hi there,

Thank you for the request, we do need to create some more raster matte manipulation tools. Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass it on to the dev team.


If you select the layer and choose “Subtract” from the blend modes in Layer Properties panel it should provide what you need.
Currently, the “invert” option is only available for spline-generated mattes, but we can add this as a feature request.

Hello Mary, hi Martin, thank you both very much for your help. The “Subtract” mode worked. The reason it didn’t work for me in the first place was due to two issues adding up. First, the matte clip had a wrong offset and showed empty (@Mary: this has to do with the support conversation on image sequences where I will elaborate more on the offset issue soon). Secondly, the effect of “Subtract” doesn’t show with the matte display mode set to “selected track mattes”, but only with “all mattes” and “selected mattes”. I had the wrong mode active, so it did not show.

If you could enable the “invert” checkbox for imported matte clips as well that would be great. It was my first approach and I was confused that it didn’t work.

Best, Andreas

Ah, yes! The track matte view issue is a known one, specific to imported mattes. Hopefully, we’ll have a fix for that down the track.