Invert tracking in nodes

I am blending together two different clips of different parts of a twisting person’s body offset in time (so that both arms arrive and stop at same time but we never filmed it that way). The best way to get them to match motion is to planar track each clip separately where the body is supposed to meet and pipe these trackers into each other’s transform node using match move. It locks on perfectly whereas attempting to match move to only one or the other clip never gets even close throughout the shot.

Now, I somehow need to get the original camera motion back after the composite node. Is there a method to do this in nodes? It would be like using the viewer stabilize feature and turning the stabilize on while rooting and off when previewing the final effect - but built out in the node tree. I know this can be done in Fusion etc.

The Transform > Transform node pop-up menu has Stabilize and Match Move choices.image

This allows you to first stabilize the clip, do some stuff and then match move it back to the original motion.

Ohhhh. I was caught up in the wording. I am doing the reverse, match moving, then later on stabilizing to the same tracker I matched to - which works. These two settings essentially work like inverses to each other. I also may have tried this but with the tracker node from the wrong clip attached.