Is getting a clean track on this shot possible?

Here’s the shot, apologies for the crude censorship but it shouldn’t affect ones ability to make observations on the actual tracking needed – main motion starts at :06:

After much Mocha-AE research/tutorials and damn near stabbing my eyes out, the best I could do was pretty mediocre, if not borderline poor.

I spent hours, into the double digits, trying to make this track work to no avail. I’m not even frustrated, I just genuinely want to know if getting a clean track is possible on this shot, and if so, what techniques might a person use to get it done?

In Mocha, I used every tool they suggested for bad tracks… Changing the parameters, omitting reflections/shadows, there were no co-planar surfaces to track, reference points, etc.

I’m pretty confident that someone with more experience could do this but I don’t have anyone in my network I’m close with so I’m turning to the internet for help!


Obligatory specs:

Mocha AE v9.0.4
Intel Core i9-11980HK
RTX 3080 (Laptop)
64gbs ram
Windows 10 Pro
All drivers are up to date
Project files & media on an external 4TB project SSD
Cache Files on internal 2TB SSD

It is possible but most likely you are going to have to do manual adjustments. Pure black and white tracking screens are not really ideal for Planar Tracking. This combined with mo-blur makes it a bit difficult.

I would try using the X+ tool and creating a few shapes to avoid the white areas – see image:

. Also, try enabling perspective tracking and cranking up the Min % of Pixels Used in track tab.

Beyond these tips, you may have to do some manual keyframing. Best of luck.