Is it a waste of time

  1. Can i even do screen replacement in the attached video without green screen on it or guiding points?
    cause in trying in any way but couldnt figure it out.
  2. Im trying to track tv screen while there is something on (some tv series)
    and the xspline keep running of the screen, is it considered a difficult job for Mocha and its better to try another way?

There is no better application to track this type of shot than Mocha. Best approach is to track only the edges of the screen and avoid the reflections. Because the object is doing a full turn, you will need to do manual track adjustments for a few frames at beginning and end.

Have you watched many Mocha tutorials?
Look for videos that cover:
Avoid reflections
Manual track

I have seen every tutorial the whole internet has to offer,
im being serious,
but many of them use green screen or clean shot thats simplify everything, and in real life you get what you get, for example the above shot.
thanks for helping,
about the edge thing, are you talking on creating 4 xsplines that each one of them will surround one edge?

What you need to do is use the Add to X spine button (X+).

  1. draw an X Spline shape around the phone.
  2. Use X+ and create 2nd shape on the inner edge so you are only tracking the edges of the device. Reflections are not moving with the phone, so you use the subtraction shape to avoid the reflections.

3. Make sure Perspective is enabled and increase the min % of pixels used.
4. Track forwards.
5. View your surface and position accordingly.
6. When the screen falls off, you will need to manually adjust using Manual track OR adjust the exported track data in AE.

Adding track marks or green screen might help a little, but then you would have to remove the marks OR fake the reflections to make the shot realistic. Either way, on the few frames where the object is turning fully, you would still need to manually adjust - so there is not a huge benefit to adding track marks to this shot. Some shots require track marks depending on the movement and complexity of the shot.


It can actually be a little hard to find just the right Boris video, they have so many, but they’ve tried to allow more granular searching here Boris FX | Videos

As someone who was at your stage not so long ago, I recommend spending some time in their training area. Even a video that doesn’t seem to be exactly what you’re looking for will have some gems that will make life easier.

Also, looking through the videos on their youtube channel (or searching the channel) will continually turn up useful info.

Such as this Mocha Pro Tracking Exports to Silhouette (new in 2020) - YouTube where the subject of the video is moving mocha data to Silhouette but he shows edge tracking a phone.

and here Welcome to Mocha AE- planar tracking bundled in Adobe After Effects - YouTube

Here’s another example of something that might not be exactly what you need right now but has gems that will save you time later Top 6 Mocha Problems in Adobe After Effects [Track Data Mistakes] - YouTube

Good luck!

I recommend watching the Getting Started series from the beginning. Older videos, but relevant training:

Its funny cause in the last 2 months i watched everything you suggested and more…
but they dont supply the project files, therefore, i cant really implement the knowledge, and when i try it on my projects in the moment i have an issue i cant figure out what is wrong!

Mocha is as much art as it is science. You have to get creative while being meticulous. That phone has a clear case, which will throw it off because by default Mocha looks at changes in luminosity. If I were having trouble with it, I would try messing with the colors as well as the curves. Totally crank it around so the edges stand out more, then once you get the track, you can just throw back in the original footage (make sure you turn off the tracking gears and set layer in / out points). Probably wouldn’t hurt to track your fingertips too just in case they breach the border. Remember to track from closest to farthest. Ross is also absolutely correct about wanting to preserve the reflections too.

+1 for the experimentation that tobydz talks about. Don’t give up after a few tries. There are a lot of variables to account for in tracking.

One thing to watch out for is the varying focus may throw off mocha and you’ll have to make manual adjustments at that point if it is thrown off.

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One more comment and I’ll leave the rest to the experts.

If that’s the video you’re working with, I’d expect you to have some difficulty with it being as low-res as it is. Mocha likes to eat contrasty pixels and the more you give it, the better it does. Also, if you can increase the light level when you record, that will help.

Thanks bro

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Any luck with your tracking?

Oh sorry for the delay up to this moment i haven’t activated the notification so this is the first time i see your message,
any way, i haven’t tried yet, when i will, ipromise to post here :slight_smile:

@tobydz @michaelh
This is what i have managed to get, any suggestion to make it better?
Special thank to @rosss i literally went by your instruction

A small update

You might look at feathering the edges of the mask and then moving on to combining the original reflections back into the composite

Now that you have what looks like a good track, you can change the spline any way you want to get the replacement look you want.

Here’s a couple of relevant boris videos