Is it poss to copy keyframes in Mocha Pro? (solved )

Hi, in this image i have a layer that i’m using as a mask for a picture in picture type thing, it sequentially moves around the 4 corners of the screen, in the pic i want it to land back at it’s orig point top left,
I could have different layers/splines duplicated, set in the positions i want, then have them start/stop when i wanted, then just copy the first layer & place it to come on at the end,
But it would be nice to have just one layer moving & changing however i wish but then be able to copy the first keyframe so it returns to exactly where it started from?
This is the first frame

& this is the second to last, i want the next keyframe to match the first one in the pic above

I found it in the Dope sheet, just highlight the node, copy & paste :upside_down_face:doh​:grin:

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Glad you’re all set!

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