Is it possible to convert Bezier path to x-spline path?

I have imported the mask path from AE to Mocha pro using mochaimport+ script. The path is created on bazier layer which doesn’t track good (in my case). I want to convert them on an x-spline path without creating them again from scratch. Please comment if you have any idea how to do so.

I am using AE cc2017 and mocha pro v5.5.2 standalone app.

Hi there,

You could try some of these scripts: Boris FX | Videos

But I am not sure there’s one in there that is perfect for what you are looking for. You’d likely need to write your own, unfortunately. The reason Mathias converts to beziers from AE shapes in his script is because AE also uses Beziers, so it’s a one to one conversion.

Beziers should not affect the track, however, they are simply where the track is looking, and it should not matter whether or not they are X-Splines or Beziers.