Is it possible to copy just the in to out data?

I have a 5 second comp whose source is a 44 minute clip. When I track in Mocha AE the entire 44 minute clip is imported. That’s okay because it’s imported with a 5 second in to out marked and I track just that section. However, when I try to paste the shape data back into my AE comp, it pastes 22 minutes of keyframe data into my comp, and I can’t get to just the 5 seconds I need.

Is there a good workflow so that I can get just the 5 seconds I need?

Hi there,

mocha assumes a VFX pipeline with individual shots from an edit, for best results, trim your shots. For other shots, you should be able to trim the mocha timeline and export smaller amounts of keyframes. I also reccomend using a 3rd party plugin, mocha import, to save this sort of clip length matching.