Is it possible to copy layer's stereo left view spline to right?

Wondering if it’s possible to copy a layer’s stereo roto shape from the left view into the right view?

This would save time and simplify tracking since only one view would need to be tracked. The right view is usually a simple offset from the left and any right view tweaks could be easily keyframed.

I don’t see the right spline data anywhere in the dope sheet and don’t know where to look. Is this even possible?


I can’t think of a good way to copy from left to right, but there is a way to do what you want, i.e. only track the hero view and manually offset the non-hero view to save time.

In a stereo shot, assuming you have the left view set as the hero view, after you draw your spline you will see it automatically appear in the same position on the right view. Any tracking or keyframing you do in the left view will also affect the right view.

To add an offset between the left and right views without fully tracking the shot in stereo, you have two options:

  1. Track one frame in stereo. This will measure the offset between the views, which will be used for the entire shot unless you do any other stereo tracking.

  2. Go to the Track tab then the Stereo subtab. Switch to the right view and you will see controls for offset between the views. These can be keyframed like any other parameter.

Hope this helps!

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Hi J-P,

Neither option works properly in equirectangular space. I did some tests and started a new thread to discuss what I found. Please join me in this new thread to follow up.

Thanks for your help!

Mocha Pro is broken in stereo equirectangular space