Is it possible to create a cleanplate bigger than the shot?

I’m trying to do a remove over a moving background. The idea is to use only one large cleanplate instead of several in order to avoid the blending that occurs during interpolation.

OK, what is the question? I wasn’t sure what you were asking. To do this single plate workflow, you just need to make a larger remove shape instead or simply use the insert module to drop a large patch into the shot without interpolation. You can still use a mask with feathering to blend the edges.

Yes Mary, I didn’t think about the insert tool as I’m doing a remove but that is a good advice. I’m going to give it a shot.
My shot is a motorcycle filmed by a car driving beside, almost same speed. I have to remove the pilot on the motorcycle and the background is a lake spreading to the horizon. My tracks inside mocha are good and everything works pretty well except the camera travels a long way through the whole shot and the plane containing the lake needs a lot of cleanpates. Otherwise I can see the edge of a cleanplate before it blends to the next.
Thanks for your help, regards.

Then definitely use the insert, you can drop a much longer plate in.

Yes, it is much simpler. Thanks for the tip. I’ll make a post when I’m finished with this film. It is a short where all the VFX are done with mocha.

Hello Mary,
I’ve finished the work on that short film. I’ve done a vfx breakdown requested by my client. I guess here is a good place to share it :

Nice job. Any chance that you can share the clip with us for a future demo reel? If you can enable the Vimeo sharing preferences for a few days, we can download. Thanks!

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Thanks Ross,
I feel more and more comfortable with Mocha. It is really a great tool but it requires some time to learn a few recipes. Let me ask the production who hired me if they are ok with that. I’m sure they will but I have to ask.

These turned out great! What did you use to track the scooter in? Really nice attention to detail with removing the green screen actor from the car reflections as well.


Thanks Mary! I appreciate your compliment because it took me a lot of time to achieve that result. I had about 15 shots to do on that short movie and I earned a good experience on mocha. Tracking is an interesting process because there is much trial and error but in the end if you choose the right strategy it can be very quick. The 3d part of the shots was done in c4d and we used the object tracker to track the scooter in. On some shot we had to do it by hand and on some others we only had to tweak a little bit the result of the object tracker. If the production is ok, I’ll share a link of the film as well.

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I’ve got a green light from the production! Here is a link where you can play and download the whole film and the vfx breakout:
If you need any info about it I’ll be happy to answer.
Regards, Greg.