Is it possible to do this mocha and after effects

i have a simple video shot of a person looking at camera and now i want to add affect like this dont have to be exact , add maybe a cut that looks real

the reason i am asking how to do this so i get good idea how things work am still bigginer but quick learner , and willing to learn these maskings please help

or something like this


or add blood on face with cut , and when the head moves around it should look normal

thats what i want to do exactly

Some of the best learning comes from watching the video tutorials here on the Mocha site + taking a few hours and trying things out on your own.

One video that will get you on the right path (starts at about 7:30, inserting a tattoo onto a face):

And then for the glowing skin, you can try a tutorial #140 “Sub Surface Skin” on the site.