Is it possible to keyframe PI emitter position in AE?


Is there a way to keyframe the emitter position directly in AE when using PI? Or is that only possible by launching PI and keyframing/applying the position values in the attached screenshot? In AE, I see where to animate the emitter offset, but not the actual emitter position.

I am coming from PI 3 and still learning PI 2021, loving the new features!

Mac OS 10.15.4
Particle Illusion 2021 (Continuum - Particles Unit, version

In AE set the “Transforms” to “Emitter”, which should expose position params you can use to offset the emitter.

Thank you, Alan! Offsetting the emitter was the solution. I was misunderstanding something totally obvious and thought the offset was simply moving the layer position. I appreciate the response, as well as all the hard work coming from you and the Boris FX team!