Is it possible to link tracking data of an object in a VR Clip to the VR Projection properties of a motion graphic?

Hello everyone!

I’m completely new to Mocha and I’m trying to achieve something for my Virtual Reality video thesis.

I’ve got an object that I want to track within a 360 Mono video clip and pair that tracking data to the VR Projection Effect values (Pan and Tilt) to move a Motion Graphics template around the scene based on the tracking data of the object.

What I’ve done is, I’ve applied the Mocha VR (legacy) effect on my VR clip and I’ve managed to track my object but I have no clue as to how to pair the tracking data to my motion graphics template.

Could someone possibly help out?

Thanks in advance!

You could show the tracked surface (blue box) and then in clip settings import a graphic. Since Mocha is working in a corrected 360 space, the graphic needs to be linked inside Mocha. You could render this out as a comp OR as a cutout with RGBA via the Insert Module.

There are alternate ways to use Mocha with 360 if you are using After Effects. For example you can use the AE immersive effects to convert your clip to a cube map and then use Mocha Pro (w/out enabling 360). Before we supported 360 or Adobe incorporated Mettle SkyBox, some of our older tutorials on Boris FX site covered these workflows.