Is it possible to use mocha mask and bring them into resolve color page?

Hi, I am working on a grade at the moment that requires some manual mask.
Resolve built in tracker does an ok job but for more complex shapes it requires too many key frames and the end project isn’t great.
With mocha the masks are quick and easy to do, is there an easy way to bring mocha mask into the colour page? Without having to layer in the edit page.

I am aware that bringing shapes directly from mocha is not possible due to some software issues that don’t allow the team to make it possible. But any work around would be great.

We don’t officially support Resolve, with the exception of Fusion. The OFX support in the Resolve color page is a bit too slow on the render side for us to support it yet, which I think you know but I am adding that here for future readers. In Fusion however, Mocha should be good to go.

You can either use the Fusion tab and export the Mocha shapes to a Fusion comp OR you can render the mattes out and import them like you would any black and white matte in Resolve.

Exporting rendered shapes: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.