Is It Possible?

Hello :slight_smile:
Im trying to track the car roof.
Considering the fact Mocha uses plains - this plain is so tiny and narrow, maybe its impossible and im wasting my time.
in the last two hours i have tried to figure it out in any way,
i have even tried to track the small black line on the roof and then taking its track and apply it to the whole roof,
cause in the end i wanna implement flashing light like the police has.

Since there is minimal detail there, probably not, but it depends on the movement of the car.

If the car is always moving towards the camera and there is no shear or perspective movement you may be able to do a translation only track using the front of the car instead and then use that data for the top of the car.

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Yes, as @martinb says I would use the hood and link a new layer to that, but I would then try using adjust track on the new layer to alter that hood data to the roof. It might work.