Is it safe to clear masive MoTempBCC cache folder while tracking?

Hello! is secure just to delete this files in MoTempBCC (PBC_xxxxx_SHA_xxxx) to save space and keep tracking without loosing any tracking data?

I’m tracking 7680x3640 VR ProRess footage in the new MochaPro 2019, suddenly the Mocha just stop tracking and MacOs display a message of a full disk (i had 1.5Tb when i start tracking) i notice in the preferences a cache folder MoTempBCC that contains almost a 118mb file per tracked frame (i got a secuence of 14,000+ frames so more like 1.6Tb of cache).

I save and close the mocha pro and close de AE and it does not go, so my question: is secure to delete those files? i don’t want to loose almost 3 days of tracking…

This is my first post so if I missing something please advice.


You won’t lose any tracking data as that is saved to the project file as keyframes, but mocha may get confused if it cannot reference the cached files. We don’t recommend removing cache files while mocha is open.

If disk size is a problem, you can take one of the following steps:

  1. Track at a lower proxy level. This will reduce the size of the files.
  2. Track a portion of the clip, then save and close the Mocha GUI. Save the AE project, purge your cache then continue tracking. Again, you won’t lose tracking data from doing it this way: The tracking data is saved to the project file as long as you are saving it when you close mocha.