Is it still tracking?

When i lock the layer but keep the cogwheel on (like in the picture), is it still gonna track the layer? or since it is locked nothing gonna happen?

You can determine the answer.

un-gear/process that layer.
Create a new layer and lock it.

Does mocha show that it’s processing that layer?

Ok, i have just checked it,
if the cogwheel is off,
the cogwheel is on and the lock icon is also on its not doing any track,
BTW @michaelh i answered about another question of you, you still had not respond:

Sorry, got busy this week and forgot about it. I’ll take a look. In case you don’t know, I’m not a Boris employee, just another user like yourself.

I know bro

A lock prevents any changes from happening to that layer, including adding new tracking data. It won’t track. But I like to turn the cogs off too for a cleaner workspace.

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