Is logo burst 01 usable in BM Resolve?

Is the logo burst 01 preset usable in DaVinci Resolve ? Edit or color page ?
Is there anyway, when looking for a preset, to know if it suitable with he the Host ?

Hi, Particle Illusion works the same in all editors,

All presets have the option to to emit from the layer (Alpha from Layer)
so you can change any/all presets to this, some work better than others

Thanks for the return, unfortunately this doesn’t work with title in Resolve, the emitter remains only standard forms (plane, line, box…)

Hi, it does work & plane is the one you want,
Text won’t allow PI to be added but change it to a Compound clip & it will,
Text is is a bit slow in PI, I’ve found that sometimes images, jpg, png etc can be a bit slow so you might be better exporting the Text as a video file instead, then import that video file back into Resolve & apply PI to that instead,

I don’t use Resolve much so one of the Boris team might have a better way,