Is Mocha Pro the best/easiest tool to remove product supports in footage?

Hi everyone,

I’m totally new to Mocha and not sure if it’s the right / best / easiest / (cheapest!) tool to achieve the following:

For example, I have footage of a mobile phone, or a toothbrush, or a laptop, or a can of Coke etc. all of which are physically supported by a rod/stick fixed to the rear or underside - whichever works best. The support is attached to a robot arm and the arm moves in a predefined repeatable way in front of a static camera. I can therefore shoot the product on a background of similar colour and density to the final image, plus a clean back plate plus a (virtually) silhouette plate. Essentially I’m trying to create some CGI type moves with products. I’d like to remove the support as easily as possible - would this be best from the silhouette pass? Or do I even need to shoot this if using Mocha? Ultimately I want to (as automatically as possible) isolate the product with a mask so I can place on a different background in FCPX ideally. I have Apple Motion too if that provides any better tools. I don’t have AE.

I should also add that I don’t want to use a chromakey colour for the support as this causes problems with reflections on the product. The support colour or lack of it will be on a subject by subject basis so please ignore the green in the example posted.

I have watched/read several BorisFX tutorials and understand some of what Mocha holds, I’m just unsure whether it’s right in this instance?

Can anyone here guide me whether Mocha is the right route to go?
Thank you in advance.

(Example below)

You can probably use Mocha for this. Silhouette would work too. Can I see it in motion to better advise you?

Thank you Mary.

If it attaches properly here’s footage showing the product lit and backlit.

Not all products would have straight edges and some would have soft edges.

Oh, well the good news is it’s not turning around 360, so all you have to do here is rotoscope, there’s no paint to have to do. So. Yes, Mocha Pro can handle this with ease and so can Silhouette. Especially since the movement is robotic and repeatable. Now, the reflections will be a bit of a pain, but rotoscoping even reflective objects with planar tracking is pretty low impact time wise. If you already have access to Mocha, you can just use that, same for Silhouette. Mocha Pro can render a matte you can use in FCPX, or any other host, and Silhouette can too. If you have to do a lot of paint work in your typical edit, go Silhouette. If you don’t, go Mocha.

OK, thank you for your reply. I don’t have nor have ever used Mocha or Silhouette.

When you talk about reflections I’m guessing you’d use the footage where the product is lit to remove the support, so is there any need to shoot the silhouette plate? - Or am I mis-understanding your workflow in this instance?

Silhouette is a software. I thought you were talking about another Boris FX software.

I’d use the footage where the product is and use a cleanplate shot without the electronic every time for the most ease of finishing these shots. Then all you have to do is roto the object and composite over the top.

Hope that makes more sense.

Ahh OK, I did wonder if BorisFX Silhouette software was getting confused with my silhoutte plate!

I can shoot a clean plate but would ideally like a mask so I can place the object on any backgound I like.

I’ll have a look at Mocha and see how it does.

Thanks again.

I’d try experimenting with difference keying too. You might get away with it.