Is my Purchased MP19 suppported in MAGIX VegasPro 16?


I was about to email Support, but I didn’t see any mention of VegasPro16.

Please confirm/deny.



Mocha Pro 2019 has worked just fine in VP16 for me - no apparent difference from using it in VP15. I haven’t tried the just released 19.5 build much as yet, but Mocha within the new BCC 19.5 build works as expected, and actually seems to be considerably faster at tracking than previous BCC/Mocha builds.



Understood. I’m talking of the OFX plug MP19, not any bundle that MP is part of. And if it supported by Boris. I wished ask a question of the Support team, but VP16 is not an option in the request Support.

So, OFX MP19 in VP16.



The first part of my reply directly related to Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plugin - it works in VP16. The second part of my reply related to Mocha within BCC 2019 (which is not Mocha Pro - just Mocha).

If you were only seeking a reply from the Boris support team on this, a user forum, it would be helpful to specifically frame your question that way to avoid unwanted responses.

Dexcon, thanks for your feedback.

Mocha Pro is available as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, Avid Media Composer & OFX hosts such as Flame, Nuke, Fusion, HitFilm, and VEGAS Pro. Are you encountering issues with the current version of Vegas and Mocha Pro 2019? Or do you just want to confirm it is supported?

In answer to your question, yes. Vegas 16 is supported.
Obviously we’d like to hear about any bugs to the contrary!

If you are emailing support via the form here, you can just type in the version number: Boris FX | Open a Case

Yes. I was going to Open a Support Ticket on that site concerning Licensing but when I got to supplying my s/w details I wasn’t made aware of the option to select VP16. VP15 was there but not VP16 which concerned me and hence my posting here to get some reassurances and clarity.

Along with Martin, you’ll be pleased for me to know I’m investing in having a new PC built for me and wish to use my MP19 License on that. So, in terms of my License what do I need to do? Primarily I’m having this new PC built so I can comply with the demands of MOCHA19, along with other VFXing s/w. Am I required to transfer MOCHA19 License from the old PC and onto the new PC? I really can’t make full use of my MOCHA19 investment on my old PC.

Cheers - G

You should just be able to deactivate on your old machine and reactivate on your new machine. If you have any trouble with your key, open a ticket linked above. We can’t discuss individual licenses on the forum for privacy reasons.

Thanks Martin. Not seeing VP16, as the drop-down only revealed >VP15 I got concerned, and thought it best to STOP and come here.

As to reporting Bugs, oh yes, yes I will :wink:. However this time it will be on a spanking newly built PC that I’m having constructed to make my Narrative creations more Slick in preparation and delivery. MOCHA19 will be front and centre for this.

Here are my comparisons of OLD PC to NEW PC. Yes, that is a nVidia GPU, I’m hoping that they meet with all MOCHA-Heads approvals.


Again, Mary, thanks for the reassurances.

I completely understand and I wouldn’t wished to. But the party-line or rather Policy is to Deactivate OLD PC and then start afresh on NEW PC. Understood.