Is possible made with Mocha AE?

I was using MOCHA AE to try made a animation about a plasma tv that turn around 180 grades and the screen have a chroma green. Now, the problem is when the green chroma is off. The capture of the key frames is lost… in the green chroma I need put on a video

sorry about my english :frowning:

Can you help me making a tutorial ?

Look the video here

Hi there,

This is a CG generated video, so mocha might have trouble hanging onto it, because many pixels will be solid colors with not a lot of texture. However, you can use manual track to adjust the last few keyframes of the screen where it flips to 180. Manual track is not only for occlusions, it can also be used for screens that turn fully away.

Check out that tutorial and see if it helps you adjust the last few frames. Let me know.