Is Python API Reference offline?

I’m trying to learn more about the python scripting possibilities but I’m having a hard time to understand what methods and objects there are by only using the python guide.

I see there’s also the online Python API Reference Documentation but it seems like it’s offline? I can see the first page but what ever link I press inside the documentation I’m getting a 404 error.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll check in with the web team and see what’s going on.

Any news on this? Or any other way to access the API ref documentation?

How did you access the link? Directly from the app or via the website?

This link works correctly: mocha Python API Reference — mocha documentation

It looks like the link you followed had a missing backslash after “python-reference”. Let us know where you accessed this link so we can correct it.

Yes it’s working now! The link Inoosted was the link I got from the documentation page but it seems like they fixed the link there also :slight_smile: