Is Sapphire officially supported in 2022?

Hi, just wondering if Sapphire is officially supported in the new 2022 release,
If so can you help me work out why …
In S-Effect it looks like this

but back in Silhouette it looks like ‘too much’?

Yes, Sapphire is supported in Silhouette 2022. In fact when you install and license Silhouette 2022, Sapphire is now part of the installer and is licensed.

Sapphire builder has its own color management. In your screen shot, you SIlhouette color management is set to sRGB for both image and view transform:

In the Sapphire builder, what is the color management set to?

Hi, I have the full Boris suite standalone & OFX plugin, individual licences for each, Continuum, Sapphire, Mocha Pro, Silhouette & Optics, all up to date,
are you saying this is now included in Silhouette whether i have the separate Sapphire licence or not?,
They’re set as in your pics
sRGB on both

& Linear in S-Effect

This is the Standalone version btw :+1:

(S-Effect doesn’t work in Vegas but that’s in a separate ongoing post :+1:)
but interestingly if i add just S_UltraGlow with the same settings in Vegas i get a very similar effect as the outcome in Standalone Silhouette in the pics above, so it must be the view in the S-Effect builder in Silhouette that i haven’t got correct?

Think i’ve worked it out, (maybe this what you were ref to :man_shrugging::joy::man_facepalming::+1:)
I changed the Viewer Colorspace to sRGB, it now matches the view that is in Silhouette,
(Linear was the Default in S-Effect but sRGB default in Silhouette, perhaps this could change unless there’s a reason for that?)

Thankyou for your help :+1:

Yes, that is what I meant. If you are using the S_Effect “Builder”, then you will want to make sure the color management settings in S_Effect match the Silhouette project. However, if you are not using the S_Effect and simply applying UltraGlow as a node in Silhouette, you should not have to worry about color management.

Curious why you are using the Sapphire Builder within Silhouette since Silhouette is a node-based compositor. Seems a bit redundant unless you want to share presets to another host.

Anyways, yes - the new Silhouette does include Sapphire. If you have the Boris FX Suite, then you have it all anyway. :wink: But it is a very nice addition for the people that only purchase SIlhouette.

Hi, i’ve just broken it, sRGB-sRGB & Linear-Linear don’t match anymore, think i’ve messed it’s head up trying different options :man_facepalming::joy: need to clean or restart PC.
I was using S_Effect mainly because i still have a lot to learn & as i say S_Effect (& S_Transition) don’t work in Vegas, so it’s my only chance to use it.

The Sapphire preset browser and effect builder viewer are reducing the size of the image and certain effects, for instance edge detects, don’t match at the reduced resolution in the Sapphire viewers compared to the host application viewer at full resolution.

Thanks, so you’re saying S_effect builder is showing at reduced res but back in Silhouette it’s full res even though the preview isn’t full screen?

Sapphire’s viewer resolution is reduced. I am not sure exactly what size, but it is not full resolution. Because of this, some effects don’t look the same as Silhouette’s viewer which is at full resolution.