Is something like this possible using Mocha?


I have a shot of a rock with a hammer on it with rain coming down.

The camera is hand held and translating slightly.

The rock drops off on the RH side which I think is causing my ‘crack’ to slip on the RH side near the end of the shot.

I actually tracked this using a professional 3D match moving software package, not the camera tracker in AE.


I’m not sure Mocha would give me a better result, but thought I’d ask as I own Mocha Pro.

However, my thoughts are that the planar tracker in Mocha isn’t going to improve my solution because the rock falls off in 3D space so the top of the rock that is more flat will have a solid track, while there will be slipping on the RH side as the rock is more rounded.

I’m thinking a solution would be to create the crack in a 3D program to mimic the rock’s 3D shape and then use the 3D camera track to match the movement and create a solution.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

Jim Huenergardt

Director - Reel Inspirations

Is your goal to get a 3D camera solve for the scene or more for a specific compositing clean up task?

Mocha Pro’s 3D solver is based on solved 2.5D planes, but might give you better results since the water droplets and changing/growing water textures might be causing your drift.

I would try making some select layers in mocha on different parts of the crack and also some of the sections of the hammer that are the least effected by water. You should be able ot get some pretty solid tracks with mocha, then try selecting all the layers and do a camera solve.


The solve is based on the layer surfaces, so you will want to align these to the areas you tracked before solve. Hope this helps.

My goal is to track this shot so I can composite the 2D crack ‘card’ in After Effects onto the rock and have it NOT slip at all.

The crack was added in After Effects after the track. The crack is slipping. What I am showing is my final result, not a ‘clean plate.’

Maybe I wasn’t clear on that.