Is the new Particle Illusion not ingregrating properly after the 2021 upgrade?

Hi !

I upgraded to 2021 and it appears that Particle Illusion may not be integrating with Vegas properly now. The two things I noticed were:

  1. The video frames don’t update as I scrub the timeline in Particle Illusion
  2. I think the older emitters/library aren’t showing anymore… but I could be mistaken if instead they’ve just been reorganized now

Here’s a short video link I made… I also opened a support ticket. Thoughts?


For the video not updating in PI, at the top of the Preview window to the right of what you have “25%” is the Preview background. You have it on single frame and not Video.

As for Fog, I get 11 different types. I did nothing but update 2020.5 to 2021. Nothing special.

BRILLIANT! And so simple… duh. I guess when I did the update it changed that setting single frame (why would anyone want that as a default?!) Thank you!

Regarding missing emitters, I think the additional emitter-packs need to be re-added.

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Hi, Rob,

As arpierre points out, the Preview Background selection in your main preview pane is set to apply over a single host frame instead of Host Video. Single frame is handy in some cases since it previews faster, but you should be all set it you change it to Composite over Source Video.

As for the emitters, there shouldn’t be any that disappear as a result of the update. You should see the same set you had before - plus the new Emitters_2021 library. We did re-design the library view pane, though, so it is true that the layout may feel a bit different. I think if you dig in you should see the same emitters offerings are still available.


On Fog emitters – I searched on “fog” and I get the same results as you.

Perhaps you were searching on some other term than “fog”?