Is the plug-in buggy or is it just me

I’m using Mocha plugin with Premiere pro and I’m getting freaking frustrated. One time removing an item is as easy as pie. Do a very similar removal next time using the same steps and it doesn’t work. Or everything looks good in Mocha, but not when you get back to Premiere.

Then there are the “gatcha” items. Why would Mocha write over tracking data without a warning? If you create a new layer and tell it to track, it shouldn’t track on a different layer just because you forget to uncheck a stupid cog. That should be automatic or at least there should be a warning.

This maybe a little of a rant, but I purchased this package to save time. As it it, I can drive an hour back to the site, remove the sign, reshoot, replace the sign, drive an hour back, and reload the video in less time that dealing with Mocha.

The cog is unfortunately a part of the workflow, lock a layer when you are done to prevent this. It’s not meant to be a gotcha, it’s meant to accomidate all types of workflows.

However, can you be more specific about the Premiere problem? I want to make sure I can troubleshoot that for you correctly. What isn’t working about it? Your remove is always going to depend on two things, the quality of the background track (and whether or not you are tracking a single plane at a time) and the complexity of the background. Some backgrounds are not good candidates for removes. The background must be moving in a uniform way, so it won’t remove over swaying trees or swaying grass or people.

Can you let me know and I will be happy to help you?


Thank you for your help.

I understand that the cog is there to accommodate different workflows, but there should be a warning about overwriting tracking data. Perhaps a warning with a “Don’t show again” box. Tracking is time intensive, and retraking can rune prior work without an easy recovery.

Of the Premiere, it’s not the removal. The rendered removal in Mocha looks great when I view it in Mocha. I sometime render the entire piece, and it is spot on what I want. I save, drop back into Premiere, turn on rendering and the remove module only to find the the items are still there. Go back into Mocha, everything is good. That is true even if a render the clip with render effects turn on.

I’m not positive, but it appears to be dependent on the format of the subclips and that they are subclips. So maybe something related to how Prelude creates or exports the subclips to Premiere.

I have taken to rendering each subclip into a clip using DN/HR codex. That seems to have helped.

If the Remove looks good in Mocha this definitely sounds like a Premiere issue you are seeing. Some codecs take a lot longer to process in Premiere, it sounds to me like it’s taking a long time to render those previously used codecs. If DN/HR is working well for you, that sounds like a good workaround.

And we will add your workflow wants to our user story list. Thank you. We will consider it.


Thanks for the suggestion Neal. I’ve added a new feature request to warn users about retracking existing layers. It will be reviewed along with other requests for future updates.

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