Is there a show mocha just cant track?

For example the attached video,

Let say i want to stick something in the back of the shirt.
I tried everything! swear in god! but because the shirt movement it is so distinct there is no
consistent pixels to track,
Do you guys have some idea or this kind of shot really problematic

i tried manually, its useless :frowning:

You might get somewhere with a mesh track, but a simple planar track will not work.
This is not a simple track even for PowerMesh. There are a lot of interfolding cloth elements that will be difficult to matchmove. There are high-contrast wrinkles, but a low-contrast texture on the shirt itself, so youโ€™re at the whim of the lighting.

Smart vectors in Nuke might give you the results you are looking for

Yes, this is simply very tricky, and you might not be able to get a good result even in Mocha.