Is there a way to do this?

Take the BMW tut. You rotoscope the BMW image, and extract the car.

Is there a way to exclude the BMW from the scene but keep the background?
I know there will be a hole where the car was.

But is there a way to do this?

Shape data can be imported into AE if you are running “mocha for AE v2” and also have the mocha shape plug-in for AE.

mocha for AE v1 only supports track data not roto.

If you are running motor or mocha (full version) you could render the shape data and use it as a track matte in AE. You can choose to flip the invert in your AE comp or under layers in mocha/motor you can select invert next to the blend mode.

You can view this by toggling the mattes button in the view controls on right.

Sure, you could simply track a roto shape to the washer and then set the matte to “subtract”. This will subtract the foreground instead of bg.


Is there a way to export the shape data to AE?