Is there a wish list around here?

Hello all

i have a few suggestions for MfAE and i was thinking a wish list here would be nice.

anyone feel free to add thier own ideas here. :slight_smile:

i would like to see the scrubber time line thing below the viewport to work a little better. i would actually like to see three distinct lines that help the user know what is going on. right now there is the markers for the in and out point, those work really well, then there is the current time indicator, thats pretty good too. but i just figured out that there is an in and an out for a spline as well. the ends are so small and hard to detect. it would be great if these could be shown as a second layer on top of the regular footage line, then you would be able to see the fact that your spline starts here and ends there. what i envision is kind of like the AE timeline for the layers in a composition.

another thing i was wondering, is there a way or a feature that allows you to tell it to follow the largest amount of the color you choose within a spline? if not there should be, then you can help the tracker by dedicating a color to be the spines most wanted zone. i had a track that involved a green screen in a rectangular shape that i wanted to put something over top of, it would have been nice to tell the spline to chase after that colour.

just a couple of things that i think could be of use to future versions of this great piece of software.

i think it might be helpful if on the scrubline we had buttons that told the in point of the layer to move to the CTI or the marked in point or the beginning of the clip. same for the end point of the layer.

Variable, rather than fixed, frame per second rendering.