Is there any hope for actual GPU support on macOS?

As an NVIDIA GTX 780 & 980ti user, It kills me that Mocha Pro 5’s much touted “GPU support” is effectively only supported for AMD cards on macOS. I can’t even live dangerously and enable the greyed out “Allow unsupported GPUs” checkbox, much like I can in other apps like Adobe Premiere, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.

Is there a reason why other apps can offer GPU acceleration (albeit mostly officially “unsupported” acceleration), but Mocha Pro 5 can’t? The main reason why I paid to upgrade to 5 was the promise of GPU accelerated tracking.


We are working on supporting more GPU cards as we can across all platforms. Hopefully your card will be supported soon. I will pass your concerns on to our dev team.

Thank you for your feedback. (Tagging Martin in).


Hi there,

There is a bug in 5.2.1 that doesn’t allow you to turn on the “Unsupported GPUs” option in preferences.

To work around this, run the following command from your terminal:
defaults write “com.imagineersystems.mocha Pro Plugin 5” “AllowUnsupportedGPUDevices” 1

If you’re on mocha Pro standalone, do the same, but with a different preference:
defaults write “com.imagineersystems.mocha Pro 5” “AllowUnsupportedGPUDevices” 1

This will allow you to turn on the unsupported GPU option and select your unsupported card from the mocha preferences.
We are currently not officially supporting any Nvidia cards on Mac due to the unreliable nature of the OS X drivers, but hopefully this will improve in future.

We will be releasing mocha Pro 5.5.1 this week to fix the above bug so the terminal command is not necessary.

Awesome, Martin…that worked! Thanks!

copy from manual helped, copy from here did not worked…