Is there any possible to import Mocha Camera data to VEGAS Pro?

We know VEGAS Pro’s 3D parent track can simulate 3D world.
Then is there a way to import Mocha Camera data into VEGAS Pro for creating 3D parent and sub track motion keyframes?

I am a bit unsure of the 3D workflow within Vegas. If Vegas can read an FBX then yes. But we don’t have a camera solver specific export for Vegas.

Maybe @vincentm_e8c60 would know, let me tag him. :slight_smile:

If Vegas can read an FBX

No :worried: Vegas’ 3D is fake 3D with sheet .

Ok. Then we can log a feature request with @martinb and see what we can come up with, if anything.

Not sure why you say “Vegas’ 3D is fake 3D with sheet”

Vegas has a track compositing mode of 3D-source-Alpha. When set that way, video on the track gets positioned/mapped onto a 3d plane, and camera moves can fully happen in that 3d world.

Perhaps what you mean by “with sheet” is that support for 3-dimensional objects is not really possible in that world? It’s frustrating for sure. I’ve personally been frustrated trying to have effects on the 3d tracks (e.g. light rays) extend beyond the mapped track’s boundaries and continue on into the 3d world… would be nice! There are workarounds for sure, but … meh

The short answer is no: We don’t support any 3d export to Vegas.

If more 3d capabilities become available to Vegas Pro over time we will revisit it, but there currently isn’t enough there to support it yet.

It means VEGAS Pro 3D doesn’t have thickness .

Thanks for explanation.

By “thickness” are you referring to “depth”, as in the Z-axis? If so, it absolutely does with respect to track motion; tracks can move and transform in all three axis when the composite mode is set to a 3d compositor.

But you are completely correct that it does not in terms of actual events and other objects – a very limited 3-d implementation.

By “thickness” are you referring to “depth”, as in the Z-axis

No, I mean extruded thickness.

Ah. For that matter, there is no concept of “extrusion” in Vegas, depth or otherwise. Obviously shadows and such simulate depth on a 2d plane, but yeah… no object model per-se to place things in 3d other than tracks (which have depth in 3d composite)

VEGAS Pro indeed can make 3D camera Art Gallery 3D | Sony Vegas Template - YouTube

For those that are not aware, HitFilm Pro can import the FBX camera solve from Mocha Pro. I do not believe we have tested the Vegas Post workflow fully, but since this is based off HitFilm, theoretically you could import the FBX into that module.

Thanks very much. But I mean VEGAS Pro not VEGAS Effects/POST. :smiley: