Is there any way to change the "First Vertex"?

I’m using Mocha Pro and it’s open spline functionality to do some complicated morphing. On a few splines, I created the splines from the wrong direction and so have contradictory “first vertex” positions in After Effects when trying to use Re:Flex. When importing in the already animated mask data, After Effects doesn’t allow you to change the first vertex in the right click mask menu. It causes the open spline to loop back around as if it was closed, and it only affects it on that frame.

Is there a way in Mocha that I can change this first vertex so that it will import properly into After Effects without having to re-roto all these splines?

Hi there,
Could you try to close the shape in mocha and reopen the shape on another tangent? You might need to add more points.
Either way it would be interesting to see this project and see where it is messing up.


Ah, that’s a good idea. I’ll see if that moves the starting vertex.


I also discovered a script on AE Scripts called ‘Reverse Max Direction’ which did what I needed in this particular case.

Great, I am glad you are all sorted. Have a wonderful day!