Is there anyone working support right now? I'm having licensing issues and can't work

Title says it all. I’m dead in the water at the moment.

The main office for Boris FX is mostly closed for the Holidays, however, I might be able to sort you. Can you email me at MaryP at Boris FX dot com?

Yeah…I last a job because mocha pro would not work right

I am sorry to hear that. The office is closed every weekend, and I noticed that the previous post you made was on the weekend of Christmas Eve, we didn’t have anyone available at that time. If you are still having ongoing issues, please email me and I will be happy to help you.

Hi Graham.

You should have an email with the Unlock Code, in relation to our Support Case - Let me know here or in response (to the email) if this Unlock Code works or not.

Thank you.


Just emailed, unlock code unfortunately doesn’t work.