Is there no font preview in Title Studio?

Actually there are 2 parts to my question.

  1. When I launch the UI for the Title Studio and scroll through the font types, I can’t see the resulting font until I actually select it as opposed to being able to scroll through them and see a preview of the selection reflected in the editor. This creates a lot of guess work as to which font I’d like to use. Imagine having to do this over hundreds of possible fonts.

So is there not any way to preview the fonts before I select them in the UI window? Workarounds perhaps? If it isn’t possible?

  1. I sometimes use my laptop instead of the iMac in my studio for editing videos. Since I only have 1 license, I’ve installed the perpetual trial version on my laptop with the watermark always present.

If I create or edit videos in the trial version in my project, will the watermark still be present when I open the project on my iMac having the license or should I be okay and the watermark will automatically be removed?

Thank you

I don’t know if the following tutorial of mine answers your question or not.

The part on Font Styles that begins about the 4 minute mark may be a solution to your font problem.
Good luck!

Thanks but unfortunately I don’t have the same options as shown in your video although that is exactly the functionality I am looking for. Doesn’t appear to be available in Resolve though.

Great news - Title Studio will once again be available in Resolve on Mac and Win with a maintenance release that should be available for download in a few weeks.


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