Is there way to relink shot with offsetting backwards?


For example you have 50 frames shot, about 10 mocha tracks on it and compositing is done, everyone is happy.

But now “Lets make a dir cut!” and this shot should start 20 frames earlier (offseted 20 frames backwards).

I dont wonna track all the stuff again,

can I relink the footage with 20 frames offset?

And press “track backwards” only for this 20 frames, with maintaining all other track info.

Thank you!

You can relink to the new shot and then offset the keys in the dopesheet:

  1. Relink the footage
  2. Go to the dope sheet
  3. Zoom out the key range by using CMD/Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
  4. Select all keys
  5. Drag them forward until the last keys hit end of the timeline.

Users have occasionally reported some problems with this method, so let me know if you hit any issues.

Thanks, it works!