Is This Doable in Mocha?

I have this drone shot that I need to track the road and stick a large graphic on it. Then mask the car so it “drives” on top of it. Tracking the car and the masking is easy, but I’m struggling with getting something usable so that it sticks my graphic with all that rotation. Right now, I’ve tried with Mocha AE (2021) since I don’t have the pro plugin installed at home yet. Keyframe the blue box has always been difficult for me. Here’s the clip.

Can you be more clear about the problem you are having with the track? Where is your shape placed? Are you accounting for occlusions from light posts and cars? What are your tracking settings? Where is your surface placed?

This is a pretty fast moving shot. You will need to track from the end to the beginning of the shot for best results. Place the surface tool where you need the graphic. Create large holdout shapes for the light posts, car, and it’s shadow. You will probably need to increase rotation in your search area settings. You might have to also increase your search area. You will need to track as much of the ground as possible. Or is the issue you are having a compositing problem?

Can you try all that and then let me know if you are still having issues?

Hi Alex,
Yes, you should be able to track this with Mocha AE.
Basically, you might try creating multiple search areas using the X+ tool and avoid the car and shadows.

If you have the car tracked, then make sure to move that to the top layer and the road track below.
Make sure to enable perspective tracking and it might help to dial up the % of pixels in track tab.

I would try focusing on the arrows and white lines. Hope this helps.

Thank you both for the tips. I went back and started from the end and got a lot closer. Once thing, the shadows that are cast onto the road surface are “part of the road” so I would think I don’t need to avoid those, but I’ll heed your advice. Once again, as you can see in this test, the Planar Surface is still my nemesis. I’m re-watching some old clips of Mary explaining the process. In this case, much of the road moves out of frame so finding points that are always there is throwing me off.

I would use Adjust Track to nail in the last little bit of drift in this shot. Looks like you’ve gotten it very close!

With my deadline looming, I ended up using a bit of a hack. After getting pretty close, minus the beginning and the ending, I ended up precomping the clip with settings inside. Then added another corner pin on the new comp. This way I could use just a few keyframes to nudge here and there to get closer. I say this every time I need to get back into Mocha that need to master that pesky adjust track tab! Here’s the final.

There’s no wrong way, only the way that works for your end result and deadline. You basically did an adjust track but in your comp. :wink: