Is this trackable?

Hey mocha community,

I’m attempting to do some set extension/sky replacement work on the linked shot, but I’m having a lot of difficulty trying to get a good track on the background. As I’m sure you can see, the shot combines the difficulty of having both few and no-constant co-planar areas to the infinitely distant horizon/sky.


There are some areas in the sky that do have definition that is visible either when exporting a raised contrast grade or working in panalog, such as the group of clouds on the left, the heart shaped group in the middle and the large blob on the right as the camera rotates. I’m capable of getting a great track on the ground plane as well with everything including perspective, but when I try to solve a 3d camera for all these regions, mocha pro freezes out every time.

So basically I’m wondering, what can I do with this shot? The 3D Camera Tracker in AE constantly pumps out average errors between 1.8 and 2 and mocha has a difficult time seemingly “linking” all the rotating small cloud planes that make up the sky in the shot.

Any help or guidance is appreciated. I’m sure you working professionals have had to come up with something for shots like these before.




Hi Taylor,

Honestly, the best way for me to advise would be to have the actual shot to test with. If you can supply, my email is martinb[at]

I think something should be doable with this scene. It appears there’s enough to track and solve with.

Is this a locked off shot (i.e fixed camera with a pan, tilt and zoom) or is the camera moving/handheld?