Is this video a good candidate for mocha?

I am trying to stabilize this video among many others because traditional stabilizers fail miserably with extremely grainy footage like this one.
However, no matter what I tried I can’t properly stabilize this one. Ironically, the very best result I got was selecting the entire frame and pressing track, a method that required the least effort.

Selecting the computer, setting the surface area of the back of the PC and manually adjusting each of the 4 corners produced the worst result with violent warping.

Also, is there a way to set the keyframe somewhere other than the very beginning? When I select maximum smoothing, I don’t want the first frame of this video to be the base but frame 50 or 100 where more of the PC is in view.

I cannot open the file you uploaded. What codec are you using?

You can fix a frame back to it’s original position by using the “Frame List” button or field in the stabilise module. This aligns a frame back to source position and all tracking data stabilises around those frames.

I am unable to read this video, please send it to us in a more generalized codec like animation, h264, or JPEG, something like that would be best.
MagicYUV, the ONLY free codec I found that mocha and After Effects support. Everything else doesn’t support one important colorspace or another.

But ok, here’s an MJPEG version, it’s 3 times smaller anyway. Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

Wow the motion JPEG re-encode is way darker. This is why I used magicYUV in the first place. It would help if mocha supported Lagarith but it doesn’t.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response, I was on site all last week. I was able to get a track on this by tracking the grill on the computer and the cables in the back. You want to track only translation, scale, and rotation for stabilizes. But the problem with warping probably comes from shear and perspective. Also, this shot pans a lot, so you probably don’t want to nail the stabilize down, because you won’t have enough frame left at the end of the lockdown. Your best bet is to take the bulk but not all of the shake out.

Are you using mocha Pro’s stabilize module or just mocha AE?


mocha pro’s stabilize module. Yes I tracked shear and perspective because there IS shear and perspective in the footage, is there not?
I don’t care about the black borders, they can be fixed. I chose mocha due to its rock stable feature which virtualdub’s deshaker doesn’t.

Can you send me your splines? I tried right now to track without shear and perspective the computer and cables in the back and could not get a good result. Tracking the cables in the back drifted to the right side away from the cables and the grill was not tracked properly, there was still shake even with “maximum smoothing” selected.

But in the stabilize module you do not have to use shear and perspective to stabilize, otherwise you will get weird warping on some parts of the shot and not others. The reason this shot won’t lock down without errors is that it’s actually deforming with the shutter blur as the camera moves, locking it down won’t look good. Locking any handheld cameras completely down is always going to give you pulsing blur errors, and there’s no way to fix those yet.

Email me at and I can send you the project.