Is Title Studio still not fully supported in Resolve?


I purchased Continuum for many reasons and Title Studio was one of the features I was hoping to use but I read and was told that its not really supported in Resolve. Continuum 2023 is not out and still no full support for Title Studio?

If not, how much longer do Resolve users have to wait to have the ability to really use Title Studio after having purchased Continuum??? I think we should at least have the ability of having a Stand alone instance outside of Resolve if there is no clear vision for support in Resolve. Either that or subract a portion of the cost of Continuum for Resolve users.

Fair right?

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’m happy to say that we’ve found a way around the issue that was preventing Title Studio from being operable in Resolve on Mac OS and that we’ll be releasing a maintenance update with this fix within the next few weeks.



That is GREAT NEWS!!!
A wonderful way to start the New Year as well. :wink:

Thank you!!!

Actually the Mac support for Title Studio in Resolve should already be available in the initially shipping Continuum 2023 which shipped in October. Please let us know if you see any problems with it.


Hello jclement,

Thanks for the info. So I tried using Title Studio 2023 (presumably the latest version/build) and it seemed to be working fine until I attempted to change the composite view in the UI window and mistakenly closed that window instead. (still learning the interface)

One mishap led to another and I ended up closing all the windows within the UI. Now, when I attempt to launch the UI, Resolve simply crashes. I’ve attempted this several times and result is always the same so I’m thinking this “may” be a repeatable issue.

Could you affirm? In the meantime, I really don’t have any other recourse of action except to try to download and re-install.


Hi Mark,

Instead of a complete uninstall and reinstall, you can simply delete the BCC preferences and the Title Studio UI will reset. You can find them here :

Macintosh HD/Users/(user name)/Library/Preferences/

and you’re looking for anything with continuum in the name - just delete that and when you launch the host, the system will rebuild the needed prefs files at default and thereby restore the UI windows to their default setting.

I hope this helps.


Thank you!