Issue copying tracking data into AE

I’m tracking some aerial footage with Mocha Pro with the intent of inserting some floating titles in AE. I’m pretty new to Mocha Pro but I’ve done this successfully several times. My track looks great and at the end of the track I push the surface to the corners and copy the tracking data to the clipboard. Back in AE, I go to the same frame where my tracking ended in Mocha, place my 3D text and precomposed that text layer. I then go back to the first frame and paste my tracking data. If I scrub from the end, the text looks great and tracks perfectly. But there’s a point where it just disappears. I can see that my text layer starts to get huge as if the tracking data is being weird. I just can’t figure it out. I’ve made a really short video showing what happens. I’m sure hoping someone can give me a hand here. Thanks!

Hi Steve,

What is occurring here is the surface corners are getting pushed too far beyond the bounds of the camera due to the size of the surface. This is why you see the error. If you slowly scrub through your mocha timeline when the surface is aligned on the last frame, you’ll probably see the surface distort oddly or even disappear.

One thing to try instead of using the align surface method, is the opposite: Line up your surface where you would like the text to be, then do a stretched precomp on your text in AE to fit the corner pin.

You can see an example of how to do this in the user manual here under the section “Applying Corner Pin for Layers with different dimensions”:

Hmmmm. Well that got me closer. The whole thing tracks really well now, but it doesn’t end up in the position that it should. It’s also stretched out. This is an image of how I composed the text at frame 275 (the end of the track) and it looks great.

After I precomp the text layer, go into that precomp and do a Fit to Comp and go back and paste the Mocha tracking data at the first frame, it tracks great but the end placement is this:

It doesn’t look like I’m missing any steps here, but it just doesn’t end up in the correct position.

Is that the position of the surface in mocha? The corner pin points you see in the image will be aligned to the final surface position, so you may need to stretch your surface out further to fit the “box” of how you want the text to look.

If it helps, you can render a single frame of your fit precomp and import it into the “Insert Clip” section of mocha to line up the text correctly.

Hmmm. Not sure I follow. So, are you saying I should get my text in place at the last frame in AE, bring that frame into Mocha and align the corners of my surface with that? So, I’ll need to re-track everything?

I mean the squished “fit” frame that matches the dimensions of the footage. If you render out this frame, you can bring that in to mocha to line it up exactly. Or you can eyeball the surface rectangle to the approximate height and width of the text in mocha.

You don’t need to retrack anything. You can move the surface tool around before, during or after tracking to fit it how you like in the scene.
The surface tool is just a child of the tracking data, so manipulating it in the track module doesn’t affect the tracking data.

See this video for what I mean:

Aha! I see what you mean. That seems to have fixed it. Thank you so much!