Issue: move mask with "Shift + Arrow" dosn't work

Hi there, one of our Artist has this problem that she can’t move the roto mask with “shift + up” or down, left, right… the thing is, its something in her user Profile, with another user it works like charm.
tried to replace and renamed the .config file. When She is using another workstation the same issue is happening.

We working on CentOS 7.7 MATE-Desktop and the newest Silhouette Version

has anyone an idea whats happening here?
She can’t remember anything she has done that would cause this.

I can’t think of a reason why this would be happening.

Does Shift-drag in the Paint > Clone brush set the clone offset?

Does Shift work in other programs within her login?

Hey Marco, i’m the artist that it’s unfortunately happening to!

The shift+transform does nothing in roto and paint mode, however shift+drag for the copy tool works fine. Even in the rotation tool, shift+rotate does what it’s supposed to be doing, so there’s only something wrong with the offset in transformation, which is very confusing.

And yes the shift key works in other instances as expected (as tested in Nuke).

This should not matter, but have you tried resetting your preferences? Select File > Preferences, click Reset All, Cancel and then restart Silhouette. Does this help?

Yeah i’ve resetted it many times and generated a new config file as well. It stays the same.

Are you running any custom scripts or changes to your

Not as far as i know. I recently started using it here, so there hasnt been any time to setup anything custom made. We tried replacing the already, but that hasnt worked either.