Issue removing object

Hello. I am having some issues removing a moving car in a poorly lit area.

Here are 2 pictures (original and “removed”) You can see my settings at the bottom. Anything I should do instead? Please do tell me if you need more detail

I’d probably need to see the original footage, but there could be a few factors here:

  1. The background tracking data isn’t solid. This is usually the biggest culprit for a bad remove, and since you’re not getting any comparable data in the remove plate, it would be my first guess. Check to see if the surface and grid are rock-solid on the road background.
  2. The other cars on the road are coming into the background shape. If so, you may need to roto them out as foreground mattes
  3. The lighting model needs to change.

If you can share the original footage, or even a screen capture video of your project in motion, then it would be easier to determine.

Oh never mind I got it working! Thanks for your help anyways though :slight_smile: I just had to use the original clip instead of the one I had effects on.