Issue using Particle Illusion with After Effects Camera

New Continuum user – coming from Trapcode Particular and currently making my way through the docs and tutorials. But I’ve run into unexpected behavior with Particle Illusion and the After Effects plugin whereby turning on the use Comp Cam checkbox has no immediate effect. The Particle Illusion layer simply doesn’t respond to the AE camera until I open the Particle Illusion effect directly in the stand-alone application interface. Only then does the AE camera seem to register.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?

So just to be clear – using Comp Cam for me ONLY registers and operates on the Particle Illusion layer after opening the interface and then hitting the “Apply” button. But trying to author camera movements with the plugin interactively in the AE timeline doesn’t work.

That is interesting I am not sure if I could replicate it; how are you finding PI as compared to Trapcode for AE workflow and quality? Just curious

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reporting this - I’m also seeing some unexplained issues with the AE comp camera and will ask engineering to review that feature.


Ok. Good to know it wasn’t something I was doing wrong - so much to learn!

Well for workflow I find it pretty different as Trapcode starts with a “basic” effect but in PI everything is more heavily based around presets and you actually have to pick the “basic” preset to start with a blank slate. Just from my very brief usage though it does seem like on my system the PI interface is a bit more stable (though not necessarily responsive) than Trapcode’s Designer interface.

As I’m more used to Trapcode it is taking me a little bit to figure out how to do some of the same things though most controls are similar. I don’t recall being able to use masks as an emitter in Trapcode, so that’s pretty nifty feature in PI. As is the ability to zero in on a single particle to isolate how it is reacting and looks (not sure how often I’d use that though). And the really big thing is the option to composite particles directly using Mocha and Pixel Chooser – which is a great integrated feature throughout Continuum. However, Trapcode seems to have much better support for 3D – particularly with the ability to use static or animated 3D objects as emitters, which PI doesn’t support. That is a feature I hope they are going to implement as I use it a lot in Trapcode.

Regarding the camera issue I am experiencing – this doesn’t seem to be the case with some of the other BCC Particle effects that can use a Comp Camera. Those work as expected.

This is actually another thing that slightly confuses me between Continuum particles and Trapcode – in addition to PI, there are a number of other particle effects (11) – each with different “specializations” and controls. I imagine those effects pre-date Particle Illusion? The one most similar off the bat to Trapcode is Particle Emitter 3D, but that doesn’t seem to have access to fluid dynamics.

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