Issue with Feather/Edge Width not rendering in Remove

I’m new to Mocha (and I’m loving this software) and have what I’m sure is a complete newbie idiot question:

Why do the feathered edges/edge widths on some Mocha projects render for me in Remove while others don’t? I’m guessing it’s a toggle somewhere but I’ve pored over the manual and searched online and can’t find anything about it.

The problem: I set up a space between in the inner and outer edges to get a feather and it shows up when I view the matte but not when I render the Remove. I instead get a sharp line matched up to the inside matte edge that can be ‘jagged’, bordering pixels exactly and not anti-aliasing at all. I checked to see if I had the inside/outside reversed and I don’t!

This doesn’t happen consistently. When it happened with simple Removes in the past I’d just toss it out and restart but now it’s happening in a Remove that I’ve put hours in–I don’t want to do it again from scratch, especially if it might happen again.

Hi @ozark1, can I see what your background shape looks like?

It could be that the feathered edge is falling over the background hard edge.

The only matte behind the example was one big matte for the Remove effect. After a couple of restarts it seems to be working correctly.

What is your GPU that you are using? Is there a specific GPU selected in your GPU preferences?
One thing that could cause rough edges is if the remove is resorting to CPU instead of GPU mattes.
Can you show us your GPU preference page?