Issues Removing Logos

OK so I’ve been away from Mocha for a while and there’s always a learning curve for me. In the spot below, the jersey the woman is wearing is an official jersey for a basketball team… by mistake. I first did the trick of making a clean plate and removing the Nike logo and the word from the shirt. I then tracked a short clip of her walking toward the camera in the kitchen just to see how good I could get it and hit the Align Selected Surfaces tool. Sub-question: do I hit the align surfaces tool on the track or the mask layer?

I copied the tracking data pin/blur for AE and pasted onto the clean still in AE. I did get the usual warping which is good, but seemed a little exaggerated. I’m guessing I just need a better track, but good enough to try it out.

I carefully made xsplines around those areas. I then copied the Shape Data in to AE, but the mask doesn’t seem to light up at all with the clean plate still. I know I must be missing something. Any ideas?

BTW, I also tried using the Remove Module, but keep getting the “Unable to replace pixels…” error.

Your best bet with this is actually to use the Mocha Pro plug-in and use the insert tool and use the grid warper to get it perfect, because it’s cloth and you will have to do some hand animation. Trying to get this perfect with a corner pin alone is a pretty difficult job without then having to do hand rotopaint over the top, and I am sure you do not want to do that. A corner pin alone is just too flat to get this perfect, you need the warping ability to sell it.

You can try a trial and see if it will work for you!

Thanks Mary. I do own v5 Plug-in so I’ll try it with that. Thanks and don’t be surprised if I come back for help!

Retrack those frames without using perspective, the surface is probably going behind the camera.

Thanks, that did the trick for the first part of this spot. Now I’m working on the section where she walks on the driveway. I’m feeling cocky with my new knowledge, so I figure this will go much faster. It did until I got this error:

"Frame 279 not rendered in clip ‘composite_input’ ".

I made my clean plate and removed what I needed to remove. Did the same routine and that one frame (278( looks great in AE, but I can’t render the other frames and I don’t know why. I tried the same trick with no perspective even though the surface didn’t look like it went behind the camera, but nothing changed. Help again.

Turn your surface tool on and check the track for every frame, make sure you can always see the surface tool, if it disappears, you have a bad track. Next, see if your layer is locked. If it is, unlock it. Then check and make sure you are using insert and not remove. Let me know and I will be happy to help.

I just re-read your reply and clicked on the Remove Tab. I had the clean plate inserted there too. I had tried that method at first, but moved to the Insert tool. Sadly, this changed nothing, but can’t help but wonder if this is the root cause somehow.


Well, I’m starting fresh and so far so good. We’ll see in a few minutes. BTW, the grid warp tool is nice.

Let me know how it goes! Sounds like you’re getting better results so far!

Mary, can I see the Insert effect inside the Mocha plugin? Right now, I can only see the distorted inserted image and I need to go back to AE to see the result.

You should be able to see the image in the insert module. Did you set the insert clip to “insert layer” and set the insert layer in AE? Or did you import the insert layer? I need more information.


I definitely used the Import method inside the plugin and brought in the fixed clean plate.

Another question: Do you think the NBA logo on the bottom edge of her jersey can be handled utilizing the Illumination Model in the Remove Module? This one’s tricky since the lighting changes so dramatically.

One last quick shot, but ran into the same problem as before. Here are my steps.

Select area to track. Track without perspective. Perfect.

Create clean plate and edit in Photoshop.

Make new spline layer for the areas I need to mask out.

Align Selected Surfaces

Go to Insert tab and select my clean plate and hit Import. This will look great on this frame, but then I did anything else, I get those errors again. I’m very frustrated. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

OK here’s a question for you, do you have to make the clean plate from the first frame of the shot? Do I have to Insert a clean plate on that first frame???

Hi Alex,

Your surface is going behind the camera once you align the sirface and it pushes to full screen size, that’s the issue. You can try making the cleanplate smaller (just the jersey) and aligning it manually. It helps if you overpaint the jersey too when you do that.


Thanks for that info. I’m in the middle of a course on to add to the tutorials you guys produce. I want to really be good with Mocha this year. Here’s my post from yesterday I wan’t able to post.

(from last night) Started from scratch again and got 97% of the way home. Now I decided to split the inserts into two parts to make it easier for color correction to blend them into the plate better.

I’m getting a lot of AE crashes now. Yay.

(today) Well I got pretty darn close. Not perfect, but should get past the average viewer. I found a training course on I’ll be jumping into tomorrow to get better with Mocha.

Finished spot.

P.S. Would someone be interested in seeing the crash report I got from AE?

I am glad you are getting further!

Yes, you can submit the crash report as a case and we can look into it. It’s probably just running out of memory though.

I just never thought I’d run out of memory with 32 GB at my disposal. Where do I submit a crash report or case?

It’s video card memory, usually. Here’s where you submit a case! Boris FX | Open a Case